Protect High Quality Living Wage Jobs and Preserve Consumer Choice and Promote Competition

Know the Whole Story on DTC (Direct to Consumer) Distilled Spirits Shipping

The California alcohol marketplace is safe, diverse and competitive.

The current system delivers a wide array of products to consumers while balancing important regulatory measures that keep product out of the hands of minors and ensures taxes are remitted to our state.

DTC is not the answer for California.  

Proponents of DTC tend to over-simplify this complex issue, ignoring the efficacy and benefits of California’s strong regulatory systems, and glossing over real public health and safety concerns by treating alcohol like every other consumer product. 


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California distributors overall economic output throughout California
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Stable, quality union jobs provided by California distributors
  • The alcoholic beverage wholesale distribution industry has some of the highest union density of any industry in the country
  • 10,000+ stable, quality, union jobs provided by California Distributors 
  • 3,200,000,000 California distributors’ overall economic impact throughout California
  • These jobs cover all segments of the alcohol distribution chain and range from truck drivers to warehouse workers and sales and logistics effort


  • California’s current system provides checks and balances designed to prevent underage individuals from purchasing alcohol and a regulatory structure that holds violators accountable
  • Direct to consumer shipping increases the likelihood of underage access as common carriers conduct little to no age verification, and when attempted, failed about half of the time
  • Over 38,000 California retail stores, restaurants and bars will be negatively impacted by DTC with reduced sales
  • Direct to Consumer shipping will threaten the jobs of over 10,000 Californians who work for Wine and Spirits Wholesalers



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